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What is with this Bowl Season

Posted on: December 27, 2008 3:05 pm
Are there just too many bowl games or is it just me.  I love football, it is my passion to watch both College and Pro.  What gets me is the fact that 68 teams get to play in a bowl game.  Theres only 119 D1 schools so over half get in.  Imagine if half of all D1 NCAA Basketball made the tourny?  Half the NCAA Baseball teams make the Series?  Again I love football but it seems we are rewarding 6-6 teams just so the conferance they represent can have a peice of the pie.  The love of the Game has been taken over for the love of Money.  I know the NCAA is all about the cash but now they are bring us into it by force feeding the likes of  Florida Atlantic and Kentucky both 6-6 teams.  The NCAA needs a playoff system in a big way, keep your bowl games and your money, there is a way to do both.  Are they scard no one will go see the #9 seed play the #3 seed for a chance to move on to the second rd and maybe the National Championship game? NO.  WIth the forced feeding happening I just wonder how do I get my peice of the action.  There is money to be made here and we Americans are willing to spend it.  So until I figure out how and until the BCS realizes we need a playoff system we are stuck watching 6-6 ball clubs.  Maybe the NFL should adopt this therory then we won't have 10, and 11 win teams sitting at home during the playoffs.

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Posted on: January 4, 2009 4:33 pm

What is with this Bowl Season

I totally agree with what you have written, I do understand about the smaller programs and agree, what I don't like is the bigger conferences sending 6-6 teams to play.  I am an SEC fan but we send 8-10 teams every year and I just think if you are going to do that then send a smaller program with a better record.  Thanks for responding.

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Posted on: December 30, 2008 2:57 am

What is with this Bowl Season

Most years, I would agree with you about the excessive number of bowl games.  However, at least up to this point, this has been one of the best bowl seasons I've seen, and I have been able to watch all but two games.  I only missed those due to holiday travel, but I definitely would have watched them otherwise, and I will miss one bowl tomorrow, because I can't watch two games at the same time, and I don't have the luxury of recording the other game.  Anyway, except for two games, this has been a highly competitive season.  My bowl picks are shot for the $10,000 prize, but I'm still three games above .500.

Your post actually covers two subjects, so let's deal with each individually.

First, 34 bowls is probably too many, and most people don't care about the vast majority of the games.  However, this really is the time when smaller programs have the ability to cash in on the benefit of having their costly football programs.  Without this money, a lot of smaller schools could never afford to maintain their football programs, and without football, most of their other men's and women's athletic programs as well.

Second, we definitely need a football playoff, but until the NCAA steps in and changes the way money is paid to the participants, this won't change either.  In basketball, all of the schools eligible to be included in the tournament (whether they make it or not) receive part of the revenue generated from the tournament and basketball broadcast revenues.  If the NCAA would have a football playoff, even while encompassing all of the bowls, and would do a revenue share, then it would make sense for all but the biggest winners.

Unfortunately, the biggest winners in the current system control the NCAA, so we won't see playoffs anytime soon, unless we find a way to keep the biggest programs from losing money, while maintaining the solvency of the smallest programs.  That is the $64,000 question.

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